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foire aux QUESTIONS

  • What is Môtchút Studio 🌞?
    Môtchút Studio is my creative studio founded in 2020 and based where I live in Barcelona, Spain. Designer, I craft candles, mirrors and objects from second-hand pieces, customizable and on-demand. Learn more
  • What is upcycling?
    Upcycling or over-cycling consists of using materials or products that are no longer used. They are reintroduced into the consumption chain, after upgrading, or even diverting from the initial function.
  • What is the production time and availability of the items?
    Items and candles are available immediately. The mirrors take one to two days to make, depending on the size.
  • How to maintain your objects?
    Find the maintenance of objects in each product sheet. Go to shop
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes, for more information click here
  • How is my order packaged?
    I try as much as possible to use recyclable materials as well as to reuse packaging for your shipments. I invite you to reuse them in your turn for your future shipments :)
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